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Every Kiss Begins with




I am an intelligent and vivacious woman in her 20's with a bubbly, intoxicating personality. I have lived in all corners of the globe and travel frequently but Hong Kong is home for now. 

On the surface, I am the girl next door. A private school education and degree from an elite university have led me to a 9-to-5 filled with Python code and Excel spreadsheets. My free time is spent hiking, reading voraciously, volunteering and the occasional night out with my girlfriends. 

I am the coquettish smile across the coffee shop. The bashful look in the airport lounge. The waft of perfume as she stands a little too close to you in the lift. You pause. You steal another glance at her. Your eyes drop from her lips to her chest to her bum. Could it be... You catch yourself and turn away. No, she looks so innocent. You convince yourself you must be overthinking it.

But what if you're not?

Height: 1.65m

Hair: Black, curly

Education: Masters 

Accent: North American

Personality: Playful, bubbly

Music: RnB

Cuisine: Seafood

Books: Historical non-fiction

Languages: English, español,


Tattoos: None

Ethnicity: Caribbean

Bust: Natural

Body Type: Toned athletic

Measurements: 34D-29-36



You're a debonair man-about-town aching to get out of your suit and into some trouble. You love the tease. The build up. The complexity of courting a lady who is equal parts elegance and debauchery.


You seek a companion. A partner in crime.

A muse. A confidante to whom you can bare your soul. A paramour who makes your heart race and knees weak.

You are a gentleman who knows what he wants and does not settle for second-best. A go-getter with a hectic schedule looking for a sweet escape. 

You understand that cerebral connections make for electrifying intimate moments.

Allow me to spoil you. When we are together, you will have all of my attention and affection as we slowly seduce each other.

Anything that transpires during our time together will remain our beautiful, little secret. Discretion is paramount and I am happy to prepare an NDA for high profile clients. 



1 hour

A Tête-à-Tête

A brief catch-up for old friends. 

 $700 SGD/AUD  $4000 HKD

1.5 hours

A Tantalising Tryst

Flirty looks and witty banter over a glass of rosé as we become acquainted. The ultimate foreplay.

$1000 SGD/ AUD ⧫ $6000 HKD

2 hours

An Amorous Affair

Recommended for first-time clients. 

Regale me with stories of your past and present as we get acquainted. Let the intensity build as our minds and souls connect.

$1300 SGD/AUD ⧫ $7500 HKD

3 hours

A Romantic Rendezvous

Let's hit the town, savour a mouth-watering meal at one of Hong Kong's many first-rate restaurants. I'll don a sexy, elegant dress that will undoubtedly have you in the mood for dessert after. Check my Cuisine page for ideas!

$1800 SGD/AUD  $10000 HKD

Can't Get Enough?

Additional Time

When just 3 hours of Kay simply won't do.

Additional $350 SGD/ AUD ⧫ $3000 HKD

Overnight Delight

12 hours

Spoil yourself. Enjoy an evening of passion, conversation, cuddles and kisses. If you're a good boy, you might even get breakfast in bed.

$3500 SGD/ AUD ⧫ $18000 HKD

Social Date

Need a companion for a ball or a charity dinner? Someone who isn't going to bore you senseless or embarrass you in front of clients? Bring me along for the evening!



Fly Me To You

Let's get away for the weekend. Relaxing in Hanoi, diving in the Maldives or  skiing in Japan- my passport is ready!



PSE/ Kink/ Fetishes

I encourage exploration and live for new experiences. I am happy to entertain all serious, politely-worded inquiries.



Screenshot 2019-09-25 at 1.22.14 AM.png

All major foreign currencies are accepted. If you prefer to settle by credit card or PayPal, please let me know. The payment will appear on your statement as a discreetly named LLC. 



Why did you decide to become a companion?

Two reasons. Firstly, I am an extrovert and a highly intuitive, sensual being. I love being in the company of intelligent, accomplished people. It adds an additional layer of colour and complexity to my already exciting life. I am a naturally happy person who loves to infect others with my joie de vivre. I live life with passion and savour passionate encounters with kindred spirits. 

Secondly, I have a salacious streak that this endeavour allows me to satisfy. A discreet outlet for my devious ways...

I won't go into to detail, but if we have the pleasure of meeting, I hope you enjoy exploring :)

Do you have an attractive, intelligent, sensual lady friend who would like to join the fun?

I have several! If you would like to explore a threesome or just watch me indulge a beautiful, bisexual friend, I'm happy to arrange! 

Can you send me more pictures? Can you tell me more about yourself?

For discretion purposes, I limit the information I give out over the phone. I don't send face pictures or share identifying information. My photos have been verified by third parties on several sites and I have several selfies and short videos on my Twitter page.

Do you entertain couples?

Why yes I do! The more the merrier!

I would like you to accompany me to an event/ dinner/ sightseeing instead of/ in addition to your normal services. Can this be arranged?

Yes, especially if it's somewhere fun! Please contact me with details and we can arrange :) Take a look at my Cuisine page for ideas on dates.


What is your best feature?

Some say my smile. Some say my rear. Why don't you be the judge? :)



So you like what you see and you think we'd enjoy each other's company? Great! Please provide in your initial contact:

  • Your name

  • The date, time and length of time you would like to meet for

  • (If outcall) the name of your hotel or residence

  • How you found my contact

  • (If necessary) politely and briefly state any special services you are interested in

Whatsapp/SMS: +852 6414 9354

WeChat: kayinhk

Email: KayinHK@protonmail.com

Twitter: @KayInHK 

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